led digital outdoor sign

The price of a 6 ft x 8 ft DUAL FACE full colour LED Digital outdoor sign spread over its anticipated 10 year lifetime is approximately ...

  • $175 per month
  • $40 per week
  • $6 per day

And, if you are replacing an old-fashioned illuminated lightbox change letter sign, you probably spend this much in wages just to change the letters every week. (based on 3 hours per week at $14.00/hour minimum wage = $42.00)

* SPECIFICATIONS USED IN EXAMPLE: P-8 resolution ◙ Dual Face 5.8 ft x 7.3 ft display ◙ 6,000 nits brightness ◙ SMD3535 LED technology

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Just look around and see how many LED DIGITAL OUTDOOR SIGNS are starting to appear everywhere around you.

Maybe its time you should consider one for your business?
Because, if they didn't work, your competitors wouldn't be buying them.

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Ever since the first business, signs have been an integral part of identifying and marketing a commercial enterprise.

First, - there were wooden swinging plaques.

These were restricted primarily to ...

Next - externally lit, neon and backlit lightbox signs with static displays were invented to extend visibility into the darker hours of the day.

Like the original wooden plaques, these were restricted primarily to ...

Then -  came unlit as well as externally illuminated or backlit lightbox signs with the ability to manually change letters to change messages.

These "change-letter" signs allowed the business owner to change messages in a timely fashion without having to purchase a new sign every time the message needed to be changed.

These were used primarily for EVENTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS or to sell specific GOODS, SERVICES and TIME SENSITIVE OFFERS.

NOW, LED Digital outdoor signs are popping up everywhere and rapidly replacing the manual change-letter signs.

LED Digital technology features variable displays that can display almost an unlimited number of brilliant, full colour, high resolution messages which include ...

  • Text messages
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Animations
  • Video
  • Live camera feeds

An LED Digital Outdoor Sign is the most effective sign currently available designed specifically for ANNOUNCEMENTS, PROMOTING EVENTS, or to sell GOODS, SERVICES and TIME SENSITIVE OFFERS.