SIZE is one of many factors to consider in making your purchase decision.

Generally, when it comes to LED Digital Outdoor signs, bigger is better because it draws more attention and brings better results.


A digital sign represents a significant financial investment.
Sometimes there is a temptation to reduce size to cut costs.

Here's some recommended sign size and viewing distance guidelines for you ...
32" sign for viewing from 6 feet
43" sign for viewing from 10 feet
48" sign for viewing from 12 feet
55" sign for viewing from 16 feet
65" sign for viewing from 18 feet

Opting for a smaller sign just to save money can be a big mistake as smaller isn't always cheaper.
Smaller sizes have considerably less visual (marketing) impact than larger ones.
Two of our most successful eye-level installations in Walkerton are 6' x 12' (72" x 144") and 6' x 10' (72" x 120") respectively..

An important consideration when opting for smaller signs is they often require increased resolution to maintain image detail and text readability.
Our standard resolution is P-8 which is ideal for viewing from 8 - 25 metres (26 - 80 feet).
However, increasing resolution also increases costs significantly.
The result is that smaller signs are more expensive per square foot - largely eliminating the anticipated cost savings.


How bright an LED DIGITAL OUTDOOR SIGN display needs to be depends on its location.

Signs that are viewed from a distance need a higher brightness than signs that are viewed from close up.


The amount of light emitted by an LED Digital sign is measured in NITS.

The brighter the sign, the better it will be visible in direct sunlight.
Brighter signs are effective for more hours during daylight, especially on sunny days.

Our P-8 signs are rated at 6,000 NITS making them effective even on bright sunny days.

However, 6,000 NITS at full brightness can be blinding to drivers at night so our signs include an ambient light sensor that automatically dims the sign brightness to an appropriate level at night or on overcast days.


The resolution of an LED Digital sign is measured in P-units which is the distance between LEDs measured in millimeters.

The lower the P-unit the higher the resolution.
The higher the resolution, the better your graphics and text will look.

Currently, our most popular resolution is P-8.
This means the individual LEDs are spaced 8 millimeters apart.
The optimal viewing distance for a P-8 sign is 8 - 25 metres (26 - 82 feet).

Smaller signs often require higher resolution to maintain image and text detail because of shorter viewing distances.

We offer the following resolutions ...

P-10 :: 10 millimeter LED spacing SMD3535 technology
optimal viewing distance 10 - 30 metres (33 - 95 feet)
pixel density 10,000/sq.m.
brightness 5,000 nits

P-8 :: 8 millimeter LED spacing SMD3535 technology
optimal viewing distance 8 - 25 metres (26 - 80 feet)
pixel density 15,625/sq.m.
brightness 6,000 nits

P-6 :: 6 millimeter LED spacing SMD3535 technology
optimal viewing distance 6 - 20 metres (20 - 65 feet)
pixel density 27,777/sq.m.
brightness 5,500 nits

P-5 :: 5 millimeter LED spacing SMD2727 technology
optimal viewing distance 5 - 15 metres (16 - 50 feet)
pixel density 40,000/sq.m.
brightness 5,500 nits

P-4 :: 4 millimeter LED spacing SMD1921 technology
optimal viewing distance 4 - 15 metres (13 - 50 feet)
pixel density 62,500/sq.m.
brightness 5,500 nits